My Story


I have always been the person who takes charge to organize office parties, friend BBQ’s, events and more.  Little did I realize, I had a passion for it.  It all came so naturally…I suppose I believed that it was something everyone knew how to do, and enjoyed.

Since I was already infatuated with wedding planning and event coordination, and loved being the person who brings up “Why didn’t I think of that?” points, it was no surprise that when my best friend was planning her wedding, I was by her side, doing all kinds of research on wedding planning, and doing what I could to make sure she had an organized, flawless, and smooth-flowing day.

But, the one thing I did not think about, was hiring a wedding coordinator.  That thought never once crossed my mind.  I thought, we could plan the day, no problem.  What did we need help for??

Her wedding day came, and everything was wonderful and perfect.

However, it all flew by in the blink of an eye.  Her closest friends and family and I were all running around making sure everything was set-up, that all vendors knew where to set up and how, answering a multitude of questions, (and then more questions), and generally coordinating the days events to alleviate a little stress from the Bride.

It didn’t totally work.  The Bride had a lovely day, but we still had to go to her for many things, and vendors were hounding her at every turn, and we were all so busy working to make sure everything was taken care of, that we didn’t get a chance to really soak in the day and enjoy it for what it was:  The celebration of marriage of someone very close to us.

The end of the night came quickly, and there I was at 11pm, in my sparkly gown, feeling the open bar kicking in: picking up trash and cleaning up, while the rest of the guests headed over to the hotel for the after party.  As I cleaned up, I wondered…how am I the one who is still here doing this?  Of course, I was willing to do anything for my best friend on her wedding day – but in retrospect, I don’t think that anyone’s best friend should be stuck cleaning up at the end of the night while everyone runs off to continue the party.  Brides need their best friends there with them throughout the day.  And Grooms, they need their friends, too.  I ended up missing the after party completely, and I don’t have many photos with my friend from that day.

The next day, I reflected on what I could remember of the blurred, action-packed day before, and I tried thinking of all the ways it could have gone better for the Bride and her closest friends.  I realized, we should have had an outside party designated to taking care of all those little things so that we could all enjoy getting ready, sipping champagne, and taking photos – and – so that no one was left behind to clean up after a night of dancing and libations.

The following week, I continued thinking about it.  It weighed on me,and I had to figure out why.  And then, it all sort of came together at once.  I realized my friend needed a wedding coordinator.  I also realized, that I could be a coordinator, and now that I knew what needed to be done, it could be me that is there to help other Brides achieve the peaceful and stress-free day I wanted for my best friend.  I realized that my over-zealous wedding-planning-Pinterest-board might exist because of something deeper than my own fantasy of planning a wedding.  Then I realized I LOVE weddings, (not just planning my own future dream wedding), and I love helping people, and if I could put those two things together, I could really have something magical.

I immediately began seeking out ways to get my foot in the wedding-coordination door to see if it was really for me.  Is it everything I think it should be?  Am I right for this type of work?  Will I like it?

Well, I wasn’t able to find anyone who was willing to take me under their wing right away.  I wasn’t surprised, but I was impatient.  So, I quickly decided to take matters into my own hands, and began interning.

To my surprise, someone was interested in hiring me on as an intern!  And I was booked to do my first wedding a few short months later. And I found the answer to all of those questions I had, and it was, and still is, a resounding YES!!!!  Yes, I love it.  Yes, I am good at it.  Yes, it is everything I thought it would be and MORE.

One wedding lead to another, and another, and before I knew it, I had a business.  And when I look back at all the weddings I’ve done so far, I can tell you there were problems that arose at every single one.  Problems that were out of my control, yet I was able to solve those problems without having to bother the Bride or Groom.  I’ve also used my Bridal Emergency Kit at every wedding I do.  Whether it’s double-sided tape, hedge cutters, tulle, ibuprofen or tissues – I use it every time.  At every wedding I do, I have vendors coming up to me 2 or 3 at a time, asking me about this, and that, and where does this go, and where does that go.  I have people telling me that they need electricity for this so we have to move that, and we need a piece of rope for that.  And should the cake face this way, or that way?  I’m cutting the edges off of escort cards that weren’t cut all the way, and arranging decor so that it’s just perfect.  I’m improvising like crazy, and making things work, and making them beautiful, and better than planned.  I’m peeling stickers off of mirrors and picture frames, so that they look picture perfect.  I’m running around handling business.  These are all things that I am there to do.  Not things that any Bride or Groom should worry about on their wedding day.

These are all great reasons why you should hire a coordinator.

Let me be your stress-shield, deflecting the problems, questions and time-vampires away from you so that you can calmly and peacefully soak up and enjoy the festivities of your wedding day with your closest friends and family, worry-free.

And that is why I am a wedding coordinator.  Because I love it, and because I want to help you achieve the day that we both dream of.

It’s so that you can keep calm, and marry on.

Connect with me today and let’s plan for a perfect wedding day!



2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Amy McGee says:

    I am a wedding/event planner who is just starting in the business. I’ve spent countless hours browsing through websites of different event planners and websites and yours stood out the most to me.

    I was wondering if we could meet sometime for coffee or drinks and I can wrack your brain and get some advice? I would greatly appreciate your time.

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