All original testimonials can be found on Yelp, Wedding Wire and Facebook.

“MaLinda is a lifesaver, literally! While I was having issues with my original wedding planner, I remembered Malinda from when she did one of my friend’s wedding and was definitely amazed by her work. Having MaLinda as our coordinator was one of the best decisions I made in the entire wedding-planning process. She is extremely well organized and such a sweetheart. Any concerns or worries I had throughout the planning, she was there to make sure I’m stress free. She kept our program running smoothly and on-time. She was always available to reach and responded promptly to all my emails, text, or calls. MaLinda’s work and dedication was beyond what we expected, I don’t know what I would have done without her, my wedding was absolutely beautiful because of MaLinda. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. She’s honestly the best out there! Thanks again, MaLinda!!” ~May

“MaLinda did an AMAZING job helping us plan our “destination” wedding. We are from Arizona and she made the planning process so EASY! She made sure all the details were taken care of, and coordinated with our wedding party and vendors to make sure everyone knew what was going on. Because of MaLinda, we had our perfect dream wedding. The stress that she takes away from the bride on the day of the wedding is priceless.” ~Brigitte (Facebook)

“MaLinda did an AMAZING job helping us plan our wedding. She thought of every little detail to make sure that the night went perfect. I went into my wedding thinking that surely something would go wrong, and I would just have to be okay with that. But, NOTHING went wrong. I give that credit to MaLinda. She did a great job making sure the night went smooth and everyone knew where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. She really took charge with our wedding party and our vendors. If you are even considering hiring a wedding planner, do not hesitate to hire MaLinda. It was SO nice to not have to be stressed about all the details on our wedding day. We live in Arizona so planning out of state was hard enough, but she made it so easy. Thank you MaLinda!!” ~Brigitte (Wedding Wire)

“What else can I say about MaLinda that the other reviews haven’t said it yet?  I wish I could give her 10 stars. She is more than Amazing!!! Her response time is fast, she is personable, super organized and we can tell how passionate she is for what she does. She is fun, sweet and so easy to work with. In the end you feel like she is part of the family. I am a control freak and it was difficult to let go control of everything the day of even though I knew I had to trust the professionals. When I arrived at the venue before the ceremony started, I almost cried of happiness. She turned all my 10 months of planning into reality. Everything was the way I envisioned (even more). I can’t thank her enough for being there from the beginning of the day until the end, making sure everything was perfect and my fiance and I enjoyed our special day.

Hiring MaLinda was the best decision I made! Can’t wait to hire her again to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!!!” ~Lisy

“OMG we are so glad we hired her as day of coordinator for our wedding. When we started looking for one, I was honestly stunned by the price and top of that there were so may restrictions from the co-ordinator.I was very skeptical to start with to have one, but thank god we had her otherwise we would have not had our wedding day so perfect. She met us more times than her contract said so, was very fast in response and above all took care of the phone calls to sync with all the vendors. She is very organized and actually gave us many ideas for our wedding. She did her job as our close friends and was so involved on our special day. She decorated the whole ceremony space by herself and god that itself was a big undertaking. She made sure everything inside at reception hall was perefect the way we wanted.  She is a pro in her job, I wish her all the best.” ~Kunal

“I hired MaLinda as the day of coordinator for my wedding in July and it turned out to be the best decision that I made. I was initially skeptical that I even needed a coordinator since I am very detail orientated and I knew that I could call and confirm my own vendor arrivals. At the suggestion of my mom, I started looking around for coordinators anyway and I was shocked to see their prices and strict limitations on what services they would provide. After some further research, I came across Rock Steady Weddings and was pleasantly surprised to see reasonable rates and a long list of tasks that MaLinda would accomplish for me. I emailed her and received a response within 15 minutes! She was available on my wedding day and we set up an initial consultation the following week to meet and go over the vision for my wedding. MaLinda asked all the right questions and even brought up things that I hadn’t even thought of! I gotta admit, I was impressed. In the month leading up to my wedding, MaLinda was in constant contact with me and made me feel at ease. I was very nervous about my upcoming wedding so I was very grateful that she took the load off of my shoulders.

I was already thankful for her role before but she really shined on my wedding day. She took care of EVERYTHING on my wedding day so that I was not bothered by phone calls or any questions of where to place things or how to decorate the venue. It was great! I relaxed, got ready at my leisure and then headed over to the ceremony site at ease. Easy peasy! There were minor things that I hadn’t thought to pack up for MaLinda but she came prepared with extra pens/markers, safety pins and scissors so she was able to hang all decorations and made the place look fabulous! The ceremony site and reception room looked exactly how I had envisioned it everything flowed seamlessly all night.

I thoroughly enjoyed my wedding and I know that MaLinda played a huge role in that.
I am a bit of a control freak so I was apprehensive to give up control of my wedding to a complete stranger but she proved to be the perfect choice. I am not one to recommend things lightly but, trust me; MaLinda is the real deal. She is a fantastic wedding planner and she will do a great job!

Word of caution: you’ll actually miss working with her after your event is over :(” ~Heather

“MaLinda from Rock Steady Weddings & Events did an excellent job!!! Highly recommended for any type of event. I hired MaLinda for a surprise birthday party and I can honestly say that she exceeded my expectations. Based on my experience trying to find an event coordinator for the birthday celebration, I thought that I was not going to receive the assistance I needed from day one. I contacted several event planners in town but I did not receive the support I was looking for. Most of them were either not interested due to the type of event (non-wedding event) or simply was not their priority. However, I always received a positive feedback from MaLinda since day 1 regarding the event details, logistics, ideas, planning, and decision making, etc. She also treated my event as #1 priority, just like the other events/weddings she was organizing concurrently. In other words, no favoritism or preference. She is very professional and treats all customers the same, dedicating time to each one on a regular basis, by email and in person.

I was very fortunate to have her present to deal with all the planning of the event and make it SUCCESSFUL the day of. Everything was beautiful, well organized, timely, on budget (one of the most important factors). She didn’t miss any single detail and everything ran smoothly (venue, live music, DJ, food, themed party, decorations, entertainment, photo/video, slideshow presentation, cocktail hour, other vendors, about 150 guests). Guests, family, friends, and of course the birthday person LOVED it!

It was a pleasure to have this event with MaLinda’s support and I look forward to working with her again at another event.” ~Axel

“Malinda at Rock Steady Weddings & Events is the perfect wedding coordinator. She was very available and accommodating every step of the way for our wedding. She was always calm, cool and collected. Not only did she coordinate everything so well – from the wedding ceremony to the reception clean up, she also did everything the WAY WE WANTED. She focused so much of her efforts on making sure the bride and groom were satisfied. What we appreciated most about Malinda was her commitment to helping you create a special experience and that is just something that most coordinators cannot achieve. Indeed, Malinda’s approach to wedding coordination is meaningful, effective and flawless. We would recommend her services to everyone who is having a wedding or just throwing a party.” ~Maxine

“Rock Steady Events, you were the glue that kept this wedding ON POINT, the bride GLOWING, and the picture perfect wedding coordinator with class, sass and a BOSS attitude. I love you MaLinda … we cannot thank you enough for your work, dedication and keeping it real attitude.”~Angela

“All I can say is MaLinda you are AMAZING!!!! Since this was a wedding away from our home town I was so nervous about how everything would come together, but MaLinda went above and beyond to make our day so special! I had brought so many decorations from Orange County to San Diego and MaLinda put everything together perfectly. She calmed my nerves when I was feeling stressed, and stayed on top of everything. Thank you MaLinda for everything! The wedding would never have succeeded without you and I’m so thankful to have found you :)”~Melissa

“Finding Malinda was such a blessing! She made our day perfect and I had no worries the entire day. She helped me with all the decorating, coordinating with all vendors and making sure everything was running on time. She met with us twice before, once with our cater and she was there for our rehearsal. She is professional and brings joy to the day of the wedding. If you want someone who will make your day run smoothly and allow you to enjoy every moment then hire Malinda! I highly recommend her.” ~Monique

“It is great pleasure and honor for us to have Malinda as our wedding day coordinator! She is nice and amazing!!!

Malinda is very professional, very thoughtful and think about every detail in the wedding day coordination and even play. I found Malinda on Craigslist, met one month before the wedding, before that I was so doubt that whether I need a coordinator or not. The answer turned out definitely “YES” and of course to have her to help the bride. Malinda listed out all the details to discuss about, some of which have not been considered by us before. I cannot image how terrible if we do not have her to help us.

To save the money as well as having a special wedding, we did all the plan by ourselves, a total DIY wedding. I was very confident about the plan until the rehearsal, one day before the wedding. I felt so frustrated at the rehearsal as it seems everyone did not what would they do in the wedding, the bridesmaid, the groomsmen, the flower girl, the ringbear and even my husband… I was so stressed that I am afraid that my wedding would be a nightmare the next day. It was Malinda, the person who told me to relax, to take deep breath and helped everybody to understand their roles.

On the wedding day, she came the first to help decoration (she did not need to do it as she was responsible for coordination, but she did!!!, very helpful) and coordinate with the cater and rental, the florist and the officiant. The flower arch we rented cannot stand steady in the first, it was her to help my dad to make some wooden stick dig into the ground and tie to the arch. Due to the traffic, the cater and florist were late (about 20-30 minutes), out of expectation, I was stressed again as I saw guests arrived and flower arch/table/chair have not been set up yet. Malinda kept communication with them and updated to me, also, her smile made me so relaxed and I believed everything would be perfect as Malinda was here!!!

During the wedding, it was she to keep the schedule, reminded us the timeline, found bridesmaid and groomsmen for the ceremony and grand entrance. Malinda did much more than a coordinator, she took the flower decoration from the arch and put on our sweetheart table, she decorate the sand ceremony table, she even helped us to clean the venue at last.

Another issue I have to point out is how smart Malinda is. We are Chinese, most of our guests are Chinese, especially our parents do not know English at all. My mom helped me a lot to plan the wedding, to my surprise, Malinda can communicate her very well, she can quickly understand what my mom needed and helped in the right way.

My guests kept telling me how perfect the wedding is, we knew that the reason we had such a wonderful wedding is that we have Malinda!!! That is also the reason I can enjoy my big day, to be a happy bride!

For the bride-to-be, it is very worthy to have a day-coordinator, especially a coordinator like Malinda. Malinda is very nice, helpful, careful. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I still have thousands of words to tell you how amazing Malinda is, but I know it is the best to give her a call and discuss about your wedding, let her to be your amazing planner/coordinator/friend, you will definitely have a wonderful and perfect wedding.” ~Yan / Rock Steady Weddings’ 1st wedding ever

“Finding MaLinda to help us coordinate our wedding was a blessing! She is a sweetheart, easy to work with, very professional, and confident in what she does. From contacting vendors, helping with ideas, providing insite, to sharing stories.. she was amazing and she made our BIG day so beautiful. A wedding hardly ever goes perfect.. I had a few issues the day of, but MaLinda came to the rescue and took care of it and kept me feeling stress free the whole time. Honestly I was kinda sad when it was all over and had to say goodbye.. it was a pleasure working with her. The one thing I love the most about her is her communication. She always got back to any text/emails I sent right away.. and for a bride… thats very rewarding. I would definitely recommend her to all my family & friends!” ~Annie

“I found out about MaLinda through Facebook about 2 weeks before my wedding date (October 19, 2013). Even though it was extremely short notice, MaLinda met with my husband and I to coordinate our wedding. She was extremely professional with her paperwork and very organized as well. Throughout the process of planning my wedding I never thought I was going to need an on the day wedding coordinator and boy was I wrong! When we were going over the details of the wedding with MaLinda I realized how much help she was going to be and how much stress free I was going to be! She got all our information and details and continued to contact me for the following two weeks to make sure she knew all the details and what I needed help on. The Friday before my wedding day she was able to help me with the rehearsal and was extremely helpful at putting order to the practice and how to do things. It was working out so well and I kept thinking how much helpful she was being when before I hadn’t thought about how complicated it was all going to he without having someone as her in charge of making sure everything went just perfect! The rehearsal went perfect and she was also able to help us along with all of my friends and family to decorate the hall for the next day. The following morning she was the one making sure everything outside was being set up the way I wanted for my ceremony as I was getting ready. That was one of the things I was most stressed out about because we weren’t able to set everything up for the ceremony the night before since it was outside and I was to be getting ready the next day in the morning and wasn’t going to be able to be there to make sure it was all set up right. Well, MaLinda was the one to help me out with that. I described to her all I wanted and she was there early in the morning with my husband and other friends and family to help set up the ceremony decorations as well as make sure everything looked perfect. When I arrived everything was set up perfectly the way I wanted and I was so happy to have gotten there so relaxed. I mean I was still pretty nervous but it was a normal nervous for the wedding and not for the decorations which was great! Moving on to the reception, after the ceremony MaLinda stayed and helped everybody with the last touch ups on the hall and making sure the cake and good arrived while we were away taking pictures. In the package she offered to be the announcer at the reception and that was great because I had not found the right person to do that for us and she did a great job! Throughout the rest of the wedding she was extremely helpful with making sure everything in the schedule we gave her turned out just right. I honestly had more fun than I thought I was going to have and it had a lot to do with the fact that I was able to enjoy all the fun at the wedding without having too stress out. It was wonderful having MaLinda at our wedding, she really contributed to making that day that special! I completely recommend her to anyone who is getting married soon and I just know that she will just continue to get so much better at what she does! It’s crazy to think she is just starting cause of how good she is at coordinating:) Thanks MaLinda! :)” ~Paloma

“MaLinda organized my wedding in January of this year. She did a beautiful job of making sure my vision came to life on my wedding day. She was GREAT to work with, asked all the right questions, made sure I didn’t worry about a thing and was there till the very end. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I am so thankful to have found her!” ~Aimee


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